Demo + Instructions

Watch Marii demo Swirl + Sparkle with our newly added SUD BUD!

SWIRL Instructions:

* DO: Start with a cup of clean water to dip your brush in, add some water to your cleanser + begin to swirl!

* DON’T: Leave your faucet running. We pride ourselves in conserving water - yay!

* DO: Embrace the black mesh atop the product in the container. Meet SUD BUD - the perfect companion to create the most beautiful collection of bubbles!

* DON’T: Throw SUD BUD away, it’s super groovy and will “follow” the product. Yes, all the way until the very last swirl at the bottom of your pan!

The first time you deep cleanse your brushes with Swirl and Sparkle will take the longest. Think about HOW MUCH gunk {beauty products, bacteria floating in the air as well, dead skin from your face + more} has accumulated in those bristles. As you develop a routine, you’ll notice that it will take less and less time to clean, as there is less and less product build up.

As you swirl, be amazed and watch how much product loosens from your brush. Rinse + repeat as needed + soon, your patience will be rewarded with the most beautiful and clean brush that rinses clear!


* DON’T: Waste those bubbles in your container by running it under your faucet! We know, we know…it looks gross, but YOU.MUST.FIGHT.THE URGE.

* DO: Take that next dirty brush + reuse those bubbles. YES!! Reusing those bubbles will help you conserve both product and $ by STRETCHING those bubbles and bucks! The gunk will rinse out, we promise!

* PRO TIP * Who says you have to wash them one-by-one? NO ONE! So grab a few at once and swirl away!

SPARKLE Instructions:

* DO: Squeeze excess water from your brush.

**PRO TIP**: Place a white and clean towel on your counter top. Swirl your clean brush gently on the towel. This will help speed up your drying time, as the towel will wick the moisture from your brush!

As a bonus, you’ll get to SEE ( with your very own eyes) any potential pesky color residue - since you’re swirling against a white background. If there is any color, just go back and SWIRL some more. It’s good to go when you see NO color - great job!

* DO: Air dry your brushes flat on another clean towel. Small brushes take up to 12 hours to dry, and thicker bristle brushes take no more than 24 hours. BUT best of all? Your precious brushes will feel like they are BRAND NEW - almost as if they SPARKLE!

* DO: Rinse your cleanser under the faucet with your last cleaned brush to clean off any residue. You will want your cleanser to be free of ANY leftover gunk, and then let it air dry for next time.

ALL DONE Swirling + Sparkling! Now go enjoy a well deserved cocktail for a job well done!

Other info:

Swirl your brushes with care, you'll develop a sense of how much pressure to use. But please note that by agreeing to purchase our cleanser, we are not held liable for any damage to your brushes.

Welcome to the {S + S} Family! Happy Swirl + Sparkling!


Marii and the Sparkle Team