2 ounce Poof + Sparkle, a Bestie for Your Face - 3 Piece Set featuring @slmissglambeauty (SALE: $39.99. Reg: $59.99)
2 ounce Poof + Sparkle, a Bestie for Your Face - 3 Piece Set featuring @slmissglambeauty (SALE: $39.99. Reg: $59.99)

2 ounce Poof + Sparkle, a Bestie for Your Face - 3 Piece Set featuring @slmissglambeauty (SALE: $39.99. Reg: $59.99)

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It all began with...a Sparkle 💎

Swirl + Sparkle has a SISTAH! 

Sparklers, please meet:

Poof + Sparkle!

Poof + Sparkle, a Bestie for Your Face, is a 3 piece double cleansing set that starts with removing your makeup with our magic Poof + ONLY water {when we call it a MAGIC Poof, we truly mean it}!
The super soft and luxe poof will powerfully remove every little remnant of your day off your face. Not to mention, how super satisfying it is to see all the gunk transfer onto the poof.
Next up, clean that poof with Swirl + Sparkle {S2}. Swirl in the tin, rub together, squeeze under water and repeat {as necessary} - and SPARKLE! Take that gorgeous @slmissglambeauty brush, lather it up back in the {S2) tin and watch the beautiful bubbles take form. Swirl {S2} all over your face, it’s even super gentle around the eyes! Wipe off all bubbles from your face with the magic Poof one last time and you are done!
Proceed with your day/night time serums, moisturizers, sunblock and etc. and TADA, self-care - CHECK!
{1} 2 ounce Swirl + Sparkle, a Bestie for Your Face + Brushes
[scented in Toasted Marshmallow]
{2} Sparkle Makeup Remover Poof
{3} @slmissglambeauty Brush
Scent: Toasted Marshmallow
Valued at over $59.99, get yours today for $39.99!
Love and Sparkles, Marii 💕
Ingredients: Coconut + Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Water Aloe Vera Gel, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitan Oleate, Oat Protein and Titanium Dioxide
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About Swirl and Sparkle - Handcrafted and made with love by Marii Lang:

{S2} is an all-natural + cruelty-free solid make-up brush cleanser that magically melts make-up residue, dead skin, oils and bacteria right off of your brushes. 

View a demo Marii Lang, our Creative Founder on HOW TO Swirl and Sparkle here.

We hope you may always CHOOSE TO SPARKLE, because you are magical!

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