Sparkle with {Olivia}
Sparkle with {Olivia}

Sparkle with {Olivia}

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Introducing: Sparkle with {Olivia}, an all-natural makeup brush cleanser designed by Olivia!

Safely clean, sanitize, and refresh your makeup brushes with natural ingredients that are effective yet gentle, smells delicious and conditions your brushes!  Swirl bacteria off your makeup brushes without compromising quality or causing damage - Sparkle with {Olivia} does it all!

Little Miss Olivia was Marii's neighbor for just a short time before she sadly moved away, but she and her mom Rachel stayed connected with Marii through their love of Swirl + Sparkle!

Fast forward a year and Marii invites Little Miss Olivia to create a unique Swirl + Sparkle design to share with everyone! 🩷  She picked the 🐼 and we love it oh so much!

We simply adorable and we adore it, and know you will too!

Love and Sparkles, Marii 💋 + Olivia 🐼

Scent: Toasted Marshmallow

Size: 1 ounce - cleans over 200 brushes

Ingredients: Coconut + Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin, Water Aloe Vera Gel, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Sorbitan Oleate, Oat Protein and Titanium Dioxide

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About Swirl and Sparkle - Handcrafted and made with love by Marii Lang:

{S2} is an all-natural + cruelty-free solid make-up brush cleanser that magically melts make-up residue, dead skin, oils and bacteria right off of your brushes.  View a demo Marii Lang, our Creative Founder on HOW TO Swirl and Sparkle here.

We hope you may always CHOOSE TO SPARKLE, because you are magical!

Our Swirl + Sparkle magic features Sud Bud, the perfect companion to elevate your brush cleaning experience! Sud Bud creates the perfect cloud of bubbles as you Swirl + Sparkle your brushes against it while perfectly regulating how much product is being used. 


* Start with a cup of clean water to dip your brush in, moisten the container + begin swirling.

* The first time you swirl, do not be disheartened, it may take a little longer to loosen up the gunk.

* Rinse + repeat as needed & soon your patience will be rewarded with beautiful bubbles that rinse clear from your brush.

WAIT! Do not waste those bubbles in your container!  It might not look pretty, but take that next dirty brush + reuse those bubbles. The gunk will rinse out, we promise!

* One by one, squeeze excess water from your brush with a towel + lay flat to air dry.  Dry time will be shorter + your brush bristles will feel soft, revived + look new again!

* With your very last clean brush, use it to swirl + clean off any residue in the container under water.

* Air dry the lid + container before locking + loading it for next time.

Then, enjoy a well deserved cocktail for a job well done!

Visit our little demo on Instagram by following @thehausofsparkle and @swirlandsparkle .

Welcome to the {S + S} Family and Happy Swirling + Sparkling!